Introducing the Genesis Network™

Game Making Toolkit for Unreal® Engine 4

3D-2D PC DEMO .EXE (4.1GB)


The Leap

We packed the most unique and powerful infrastructure for Games & Entertainment into a Game Making Toolkit Solution.


With us you can:

Make Your Own Game (based on our example and theme or anything imaginable).

Design a video game or develop a game of any kind with the Genesis Network™ inside of Unreal® Engine 4.

Use the paramount foundation for your own game project’s advanced dream economy infrastructure.

Manage over 400.000+ total upgrades to be performed that can be linked to your content and monetization through in-app purchases.

Control over in-game time management options for assets that you can use to freely manage or monetize your customized content.

Use the Genesis Network™ as a full 1:1 Game Template Example and/or use it In Part to power Your custom Idea, Story and Design.

Get access to more game making features to create a game and design a game with even more upcoming updates.


Sign up today and get:

The Genesis Network™ Game Making Toolkit to create specialized games as shown in the Examples and Previews.

A Project to Create a Game, start and develop a Game or Speed up similarly specialized Game Development in Unreal® Engine and focus more on the actual Design of Content and its Implementation instead.

Unreal® Engine Project
Use the mighty power and vast ecosystem of the unreal® engine to your ultimate advantage.
100% Blueprints / UMG Construction
Take great benefit of the superior, most pliant and accessible blueprints visual scripting technology.
3P Plugin Free, Flexible Project
Experience easier, faster updates to new engine versions with less dependencies, ready for UE5.
Full Paragon® Compatibility
Revive legendary MOBA characters and build a glorious future – assets fully supported.
ZERO Event Tick/UMG Bind
Ever wondered why things are slow? Unexpected fps drop? Use our smart consistent optimized setup.
Performance Oriented Assembly
Efficient on demand cycles, most timed at 1s, few at 0.02s, manual UI updates. Waste no performance.
Minimum Size for Save/Upload
Essential information only. Data is translated. Non retrievable info per Class Box: ID = item/instance index.
Total Control and Overview
All game progressions – numeric, text, textures, actors –  are csv spreadsheet imports.
Amazingly flexile Architecture
After replacing core components, only a few days are necessary to get back to full functionality.
All Interfaces Are Dynamic
All items are buffered and recycled, even between different menus – no accumulated garbage
Superiority by Modularity
Modular, reusable, versatile, multi-functional components; easy to refactor, change, extend, replace.
Minimalistic Dominance
All on map is props, data processed in under 15 specialized modules; handle hundreds in-game objects
Your time, Your weather
Custom/Dynamic Day/Night/Environment controller. You set the mood and setting for your adventure.
Comprehensive Design
Discover accessible unified architecture – similar modules have similar design. Easier to understand.

Reduction in tough bottlenecks
Procedural structures using instanced meshes for repetitive items for accurate placement/performance.
Innovative Cryptic Gallery™
Explore actual existing physical art, integrated as digitized media with influence on gameplay & more.

Dreaming Big

Break the Dawn and kick-start into your own gaming adventure. The global gaming market has never looked better for creators who can and are willing to evolve. While complex simulations are hard and excessively time consuming to make, the ability to start off by a great shot ahead, doing so with the right tools and given enough determination can become very rewarding.

video game industry statistics 2020.

Free to play of all game revenue85%
Micro transactions made up for50%
Yearly e-sports growth rate30%
Mobile gamers of global population28%

This is the beginning.

Customize everything towards your own ideas and assets.

Build larger and better than anything ever before.

Make Online Games Faster, Better and Bigger

Learn Unreal® Engine 4 Game Development

Start building games of tomorrow today.

Conventional game development from scratch is tough & tedious plus chances of failure are high.

Take the lead in building around a flexible, high quality cornerstone for your project and save time.

Gain the unprecedented ability to jump-start your worlds with superior groundwork done right.