Concept to greatness

At Nibiru Entertainment™, we work tirelessly and with unlimited ambition on creative, innovative & cutting edge projects for the entertainment industry. In our everlasting pursuit of creating vaster, better worlds and unique, mesmerizing experiences for the masses – we thrive on exploring, expanding and discovering new heights, beyond of what is deemed possible.

    Alexander Kotsandi
    Founder & CEO

    Enterprise Architect & Creative Director. - Entrepreneur, Artist, Technology Enthusiast and Singularitarian.

      Technologist & CTO

      Expert Engineer. - Masterbuilder, Technology Development Specialist and Rationalist.

        Viktoria Kotsandi
        Co-founder & CFO

        Inspirational & motivational driving force behind the scenes. - Entrepreneur, Artist and Investor.

        Believe in making things better.

        Many possibly unexpected wonderful things are waiting for the ones who dare & take their chances.

        You are invited to tap into a vast and prolific, shared image of progress and triumph.

        Ascend to the summit of victory and rise to new heights by joining the adventure of a lifetime.