All big things have small beginnings. Often it’s just an idea or inspiration that ignites an entire movement. Our story begins with an end of a cycle, consisting of 13 periods called baktun, which spans for 5125366 years. The worldwide approach towards this date, falling on December 21st 2012, has been one of the greatest mysteries of our time and a cultural phenomenon across the globe. The uncertainty about the actual meaning of this event has caused fear, curiosity and inspirations as it was depicted in all of major media’s shapes and forms in a variety of multicultural fantasy concepts.

It is in these times where we too, began to question all meanings of life and prophecy, feeling the timing is right to shift into the realization of ideas that have been fueled by legacy and culture. Forged in the fires of dreams and visions of the future, we thought to have sensed the  potential of using the opportunity of epochal change to pursue the desire for mystery and motion. Witnessing the mixture of technological progress and antique notions it became clear quickly, that the world is passionate about symbols and signs, legends and ideas in the sentiment of here and now.

Some of the predictions of a potential doomsday scenario have been large meteor impacts, shift of Earth’s magnetic poles, volcano eruptions, massive earthquakes, solar storms, or the eventual collision with the mysterious Planet X – also increasingly more often known as Nibiru. While no major cataclysmic events appear to have occurred so far, the hypothetical presence of Nibiru and its significance for the entire time period has led to the focus around its mystical relevance and thus to Nibiru Entertainment – an idea in the making.

Entertainment and Technology

The realm of fantasy has many corners. Good imaginations are shaped according to what we perceive as interesting and exciting. When we digest our perceptions in our sleep, we often recognize patterns and signs that can influence our future selves  enormously, often without even knowing or remembering the actual cause of something moving us so strongly. Throughout centuries the human kind has evolved alongside technology. From primitive stone age tools, to age of cybernetics – technology is often the best of us, a quintessence of human knowledge, trial and error and exceptional minds pioneering ideas and often unfamiliar persuasions.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”Arthur C. Clarke

When we first set the direction towards our goals and objectives, we were guided by our thirst for progress and creative expression potential. At our most inner core we have always been prolific, thriving in healthy and progressive environments that allowed us to be free and flourish. In fact large parts of the free world enjoyed this very perk, which should never be taken for granted and which in most cases had to be earned by huge sacrifices by our ancestors in the not so distant past. Grateful and motivated we swore to contribute the very best we would be able to deliver, hoping to fulfill our dreams and honor the spirit of a free world and country that would allow us the pursuit of happiness and the contribution to the progress of humanity.

Our ambitions could only be surpassed by our hunger for knowledge and the directive to make great things happen, equally beneficial for all, but built on our own terms and marked by our own signature. Thriving for the best had strong motivations, since the world has seen large lackluster attempts to monetize on the people and habits, of which we quickly grew tired and set ourselves to improve upon strongly. We would not rest until we did reach the point of progress we were aiming for, in which a real, usable, enjoyable and innovative concept would manifest itself.

Fortunate enough to live in the age of information with advanced technology and the power to create, we started to research and gather the data needed to support our new venture. At that point of time we were just 2 people, bond by love for each other and the intention to grow and devote ourselves to our cause of a better world as much as possible. Sharing this passion and feeling has made us strong and faithful, allowing us to dream large and progress swiftly. It did not take long until the first steps were made and directions taken, so we could begin moving towards our end goals of an entertaining, striking, large scale experience for the masses. Blurring the lines of real and fantasy worlds, a sense of magic has been part of this ever since. Sharing this emotion, in addition to our main goals, and amplifying such feelings of greatness has always been our promise. In our mission:

  • Tirelessly, with unlimited ambitions to shape innovative and cutting edge projects for the entertainment industry. Leaving behind a relevant, useful contribution and signature of our own.
  • Vigorously create vaster, better worlds that impress and immerse no matter of age, race, or religion. Welcoming progressive, positive thinkers and creators to join our evolutionary shift.
  • Substantially forming new, thrilling, unique experiences and entertainment products. Original ideas that inspire and provoke the best of us, daring and approaching the new ultimate.
  • Actively thriving, improving and expanding on our beliefs and principles for every part of this future. Seeking the marvels of the universe, delighted by the promise of technology and advancement.

We all are limited by time, which is truly of the essence. When we are young, it might not seem urgent or important enough to place a clear focus on our goals. However, as we grow older, without any exception we start feeling the acceleration of time flow and we begin to perceive it fading much more quickly. The increasingly faster expediting world in this new age of technology is getting increasingly harder to follow.

This is why it is important to realize early what we want in life and how we want to get there. There is no one else other than us, who can put us on a mission, draw ourselves a road where we want to be in the future. It is up to us to establish our own desires, beliefs and standards. Recognizing and pursuing a meaningful order ahead of unexpected urgency and it is important as never before.

If there is any important advice one could give to a fresh curious mind, it would be: Start early, most notably do start. Find your strengths, surpassing your limitations. Know your weaknesses, do not give in to distractions. Never settle, know and live your vision. Engage in opportunities and improve the world for yourself and other generations to come, to the best of your abilities.

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