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  • After your payment is successfully processed, you will receive access to downloads (Products) and licensing information (license key/-s) according to the choice of your purchased price tier. You will be able to access and maintain your orders and customer information through the account area (Account). You will receive the following files for download as zip packages:


    • The Unreal® Engine source project (GNP). The full source code package with a selection of assets and graphics. Includes both 3D and 2d sources.  (Updated until Game-Ready and automatically available to active subscribers)
    • The standalone executable (GNE3). The ready to play application and 3D game tech demo for Windows computers.
    • The standalone executable (GNE2). The ready to play application and 2D game tech demo for Windows computers.
    • The standalone APK (GNM3). The ready to play installation package of the 3D game tech demo for android devices.
    • The standalone APK (GNM2). The ready to play installation package of the 2D game tech demo for android devices.
  • You should start by analyzing the structuring and logic inside the Unreal® Engine, Genesis Network™ source project (GNP). Get familiar with the infrastructure and start adjusting towards your needs. You will have time to assess the requirements and weight of the project and prepare/arrange your own assets in order to get going. At some point, with the powerful economy foundation to support your application, you will very likely want to shear out into your own custom worlds and processes.

  • Build your assets, your environment, the UIs, you can insert them into the kit to see how they come together but keep in mind that we will provide further updates, and you must keep your work separated, easy to import/export; – you can either just modify or create new UI elements that will require your own processing functions; – create your game design, what structures you will have and what not – these will require some modifications to the game items and processing, nothing daunting but morphing/cleaning up will take a few days; – take your time to understand the folder and code structure – it’s very easy and repetitive, but at first glance, it can be abstract and difficult to figure out.


    If you intend to make a 2D game, understand how layering and animations work so you can waste as little texture space as possible, make your game small – only the smaller moving/changing areas require renders and frame animations; – understand how you must render the items so the sprites always overlap and stay in place

  • No. Although, we strongly encourage you to create an intellectual property through an original design of your own, to fully expand upon the projects benefits and gain maximal momentum for your project. However, if you do feel like our created universe is the environment and style in which your project truly thrives, you can use the provided assets in accordance with the terms and conditions defined in our  Genesis Network™ End User License Agreement.

  • Yes. You can upgrade to the next higher available tier option accordingly at any time. Your previous payments will be prorated towards the newly upgraded tier, offered to you as a discount upon checkout. Don’t forget to provide your existing license key in order to upgrade and receive proration in amount of your previous payments.

  • Yes. On our roadmap towards Game Ready we do plan to include updates later, that we will introduce as optional upgrades to further advance the project and network. Depending on your chosen available tier option and current subscription plan (see Genesis Network™ product comparison), you might have automatic access down the road.

  • For the moment you will receive the Game Economy infrastructure, a significant groundwork taken off your shoulders and allowing you to start research and development towards your project. From here on it allows you take your project anywhere you want. In the not so distant future we will release powerful additions including Combat Systems and Server Structuring. Game Ready (GR), among others, will consist out of the following:


    • Game Economy (GE) – Available Now
    • Combat Systems (CS) – Available Soon
    • Server Structuring (SS) – Available Soon
  • No. At least not yet. We are putting all efforts into reaching Game Ready as soon as possible. Our team is small, talented and ambitious but we had no time to document (other than commenting functions inside code) the project yet. With your support we may reach Game Ready sooner and can allow us to setup at least partial documentation if there will be enough demand along the way. Projects of this magnitude are extremely elaborate and complex, requiring a lot of own research and experience. Please use the available community information and tutorials on how to learn, operate and work inside the Unreal® Engine to achieve your vision.

  • At Nibiru Entertainment we believe in sharing our efforts of achieving greatness and progress in the gaming and entertainment industry, with the creative community and free world, to mutually benefit and advance the creation of entertainment and gaming products. We make our progress available for purchase at highly affordable prices to all customers who believe in us and our mission. We designed the product packages so that every customer can get a fair chance at making the next big thing possible, without having to fall in debt or take loans in order to fund expensive software and technology like it has been the sad common practice for years in the industry. With prices starting at just $10 for the same full source and insight as the premium licenses, developers and creators get the chance to achieve their dreams and save years of work and time in exchange for a fraction of the actual associated cost of any such or similar project. Choose according to your needs and capacities without having to worry upfront about wasting money on stuff you don’t actually need or can’t use. Help us and everybody to proceed and make projects as great and exceptional as possible. Together, everybody wins.

  • After a product generates more than $1000 in lifetime revenue, licensees are obligated to pay Nibiru Entertainment™ in amount to their acquired license for the Genesis Network™ corresponding royalty percentage due, on all gross revenue (after tax and refunds) for such product. However, no royalties are due in any quarter where a product generates less than $100 in gross revenue.


    For example, if your product generated its first $600 of gross revenue in Quarter 1, no royalties would be due in Quarter 1. If the product generated an additional gross revenue of $600 in Quarter 2, royalties of $10 ([$1200 – $1000] * 0.05 GNRP**) would be due. If the product generated $70 of gross revenue in Quarter 3, no royalties would be due in Quarter 3. If the product generated $120 in Quarter 4, royalties of $6 ($120 * 0.05) would be due in Quarter 4.


    Gross revenue calculations should include: downloadable content, in-app purchases, microtransactions, virtual currency redemption, subscription fees, Kickstarter and or Indiegogo funds related to game access or content (i.e. not for non-gameplay physical or digital goods offered as backer rewards), as well as in-app advertising and affiliate program revenue. Platform distribution fees cannot be deducted from gross revenue. For example, if your product had already generated $1000 in gross revenue and then goes on to generate an additional $200 on the App Store, the royalty due is $10 ($200 * 0.05 GNRP**), even though you would have only received $140 after Apple deduct their 30% distribution fee.


    GNRP** – Genesis Network™ Royalty Percentage (e.g. 0.05 – based on the Platinum | ENTERPRISE tier, royalty percentage rate shown in the examples above. Your currently valid & active license with coherent royalty rate applies. You can upgrade at any time, but until you do, your latest active and for release/royalty-report submitted/registered Genesis Network™ license will be used for due royalty calculation).


    To submit your Royalty Report via online form please visit: https://nibiru.co/royalty-report/

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