Before we dove into any plans or endeavors, we have been analyzing the market for future-proof trends that would guarantee us a prolonged time span in which we could fully bring our project to fruition. This was the moment of first large scale and noteworthy entertainment products, most noticeable of which have been mobile games, that have experienced a huge boom in technological advancements, user numbers and sheer amount of possibilities. Just like in the decade before, the progress has been fast and extraordinary with significant potential. The power to reach a mass audience at your fingertips, telling stories, visualizing thoughts and making statements for the world to discover.

Gaining access to such outstanding tools has been life changing. Although there is good and bad to tell about the industry, software and hardware has improved dramatically over the years. The availability of advanced and helpful tools and gadgets established in us a sense that everything is possible, assuming one does really want it, willing to put in the necessary efforts to achieve those dreams. Dealing with historical implications, personal beliefs and desires in planning something of gigantic proportions, has been proven to complicate the major objective in realization of all ideas with large shoes to fill.

Our plan was always to share our interpretations about the culture, mystery and civilization in general. This led to thoughts of how to represent the progress of cities and culture in a way that is viable, relatable, inspiring and entertaining. The choice fell to real time strategy games, with a fundamental economy and flexible infrastructure, put together into a visually attractive, interactive simulation right in the palm of your hand. The craving for such desires in combination with the technological foundation and distribution methods, appeared and proved to be immensely difficult to bring under one hood in one end consumer product. The fact that this whole undertaking was initiated by just 2 people with nothing more but a dream, made everything appear even more further away and impossible. The lack of manpower, the unknown and the financial instability have been some of the most daunting tasks ahead of us since then.

The limitations in games have always been present up to this day. Just as the technological progress, ambitious creators have been pushing towards these limits at unprecedented pace. Unfortunately, there are a lot of caveats when it comes to optimization and realization of ideas in game development. The technology behind everything requires vast knowledge and amounts of time to master or even reach something profound to work with. This always required a high level of abstraction, an bigger push towards fantasy and simplification. However, we early understood that any primitive game type or similar mere attempt at glory could never have delivered upon our high standards and expectations.

Formula for success

It may not be that big of a secret, but let it be said that the real formula for success lies in the people behind the scenes. If great minds, who think alike find together and get a chance to pursue their dreams, big things can happen. Even though we had previous knowledge and experience in art and design, we still had little clue about coding or highly sophisticated gaming processes, mechanics or advanced optimization techniques. Barely able to make a living, with one of us working full time for us to come by and just one of us taking care of the actual project in full time and doing side jobs – the project screamed for additional input.

“United we stand, divided we fall.”Author Unknown

We have steered into several directions, trying to get ourselves familiar with the secrets of the trade. Along our way we have stumbled upon great talent, but also upon deception and lies. Working on a shoestring budget is rather the common thing than an exception and it has not been any different for us. Making anything advanced with such little resources is an incredible extra effort that requires even more ingenuity. There are many pitfalls along the way, and sadly the reality of things is that chances for being successful and reaching the end, are fairly slim. Too many issues and problems can appear that are unforeseen, which can draw the entire project into the abyss.

You need people who not only do think alike, but are trustworthy, honorable and talented. People who are willing to sacrifice and contribute to the project more than one could ever dare to ask from them. With enough heart blood, sweat and tears, demanding projects quickly shoot well beyond any comfort zone. Finding such people is an almost impossible seemingly task, yet without trying and embracing the risks and challenges one has already lost from the get go.

It sure did not come easy. After a handful of failed attempts to establish a group of progressive thinkers, we were close to the harsh reality in the face of failure, knowing that alone or halfhearted we could never reach anything worthy of our names. But in darkest of times, the light can always find its way. It is soon that we were set to find a beautiful mind that would one day complete our triangle and found who we are today.

Until that would happen however, we had miles to go on our own. Still learning and soaking up information like sponges whenever possible. With such large amounts of information available online, it is easy to get overwhelmed quickly. It is important to develop a functioning filter for the quality and value of the data, since one only has a limited amount of time and no option to go through all of that input.

Yet keeping your eyes open, mind sharp and clear, is of greatest interest. A huge amount of knowledge, advice and ideas are unexpected and not even thought after. Being open means being flexible and opportunistic. Without prejudices, with the best of intents, one can achieve the most beautiful results, meet and learn from the greatest people and build a network of qualitative informational value.

Soon it was time to make our plans official. A full legal start and beginning to defy the odds of failure and actively pursue our vision at full speed. After years of initial research, trial and error, it was time to incorporate Nibiru Entertainment and get serious at last. Still in its very infancy, Nibiru has arrived and we were born ready for this moment.

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