With gratitude and honor

Over the decade we have been working with a variety of freelance artists, some of whom really stood out with their amazing talents and willingness to help in bringing, the back then yet unknown and untested, Nibiru Entertainment™ to the next level. It is the hard and outstanding work of these creatives that has helped us to develop a broad selection of new concepts and ideas in many of our artworks. We are very proud and grateful for their wonderful artistic input and are happy to see them grow and evolve further.


The following honorary guest artists are listed as indexed in their order of appearance at Nibiru Entertainment™ since 2010.

    Zoran Lakic
    CG Artist Veteran


    With his exceptional, long lasting help, we have created several stunning high quality game ready characters, game weapons and items. As an endless source of knowledge, he is highly skilled in a variety of fields including but not limited to: texturing, modeling, music and coding. He currently continues his independent work as a freelancer on various other gaming and personal innovative research projects.

    Zoran is a veteran CG Artist from Serbia who has been an active freelancer for Nibiru Entertainment™ in the period of 2015-2019.

      George Evangelista
      Artist & Illustrator


      He delivered beautiful, inspiring promotional artworks and helped us to define our first character’s characteristics and style. Most noticeable in his pieces has been the strongly pronounced plasticity and mood, which always achieved a striking and dynamic effect. With an ever expanding collection of gorgeous illustrations, he successfully continues to improve and grow on his artistic journey to date.

      George is an Artist and Illustrator from Australia who has been an active freelancer for Nibiru Entertainment™ in the period of 2013-2014.

        Emmanouel Galanopoulos
        Graphics Designer


        Early on he has been perfectly able to recognize the idea and art direction that we have aimed for and created delightful concepts for our first structures and maps. His impressive attention to detail, creativity and incredibly flexible artistic style have been always and consistently top notch. Currently, he works on several personal projects that feature many of his continuous interesting ideas and new techniques.

        Emmanouel is a Computer Graphics Designer from Greece who has been an active freelancer for Nibiru Entertainment™ in the period of 2013-2015.

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