Build 2D Mobile Games

Explore the short game tech demo of the Genesis Network™ 2D Mobile version. Preview some of the elements of the groundbreaking feature set available to developers to build the next generation of games and entertainment products, based on massive, interconnected, dynamic economies. Get ahead in game development and bring your dreams of elaborate worlds to reality!


The Genesis Network™ comes not only with the full source code but also with ready to play packaged game tech demos for Desktop (Windows) and Mobile (Android), allowing you to experience the actual, interactive game-play first hand yourself. For the moment of being, this is just a small preview and in time, we plan to grow the Genesis Network™ to a full game with many more upcoming features.

The future of gaming is what you make it.

Never settle for mediocre games and develop profound novelty with unlimited potential instead.

Break industry conventions and liberate creativity fueled by endless opportunities to express your vision.

Give life to your art and ideas and delve into the lands of limitless options to progress your project.