Artefact #0019 | CRYPTIC GALLERY™
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if art is your journey

then this is the road

Artefact #0019
Signed by VK™

Origin Limited Edition 19/24

Latex on Canvas
Mica Powder

Ultimate Collector’s piece. Both in real and digital life.
24 remarkable, original mixed media paintings shape this exceptional production.
Each product includes a fully featured Platinum | ENTERPRISE license.

Exclusive, one-of-a-kind, physical art pieces utilizing various creation techniques.
3D Preview is reduced in both resolution and color variety for best performance.
Interactive preview has been produced through photo-scanning each piece using PBR workflow.
All painting’s frames featured in the demo are previews and will be produced to order.
Please allow 2-3 months for delivery (insured shipping with tracking).

The Cryptic Gallery™, featuring a limited series of “Artefacts”, is the world’s first specialized and most unique art based project aiming to transcend actual physical art into the domain of interactive digital entertainment by blurring the lines of the physical and digital worlds. Revealing and unleashing the ultimate prime contemporary abstract art collection made by VK™ as the initial origin art gallery set. With the profound capability and even greater potential of the Genesis Network™, this vibrant premier exclusive is set to fuel through meaningful digital assets a large network consisting of spectators, creators, gamers and developers alike, simultaneously allowing for engagement in faceted visual experiences and the pursuit of valuable collectibles in real life and beyond. Embrace the limitless expression of creative freedom and experience approachable solutions to observe, create, support and share the next generation of timeless visionary artistry in an increasingly accelerating world.

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